Madeira Incredible Threadable Quilt Box 63 Spools with Handy Carrying Case

Madeira Incredible Threadable Quilt Box. 63 Spools of quality Madeira thread in a handy carrying case that allows you to directly feed thread into your machine and has a built in thread cutter and a green nylon shoulder strap. Includes: 40 x 400m spools of Aerofil No. 120, 20 x1000m spools of Aerofil No. 120, […]

16 Jewelry Pad Gemstone Display Tray & Carrying Case

15 New Trays Inserts and Aluminum Case. 3 Travel Display Trays. This is a new set of 3 black display trays which are considered a standard for showcase and trade show displays. Each has a see through lid to show off your gems. Four pins keep the box securely closed so you don’t loose any […]