LOT 25 Circuit Cartridges Lot and Carrying Case

LOT 25 Circuit Cartridges and Carrying Case. Potpourri Basket, Elegant Edges, Base Camp, Lyrical Letters, Graphically Speaking, This & That, Cuttin’ Up, Life is a Beach, Stretch Your Imagination, Planting, Schoolbook, Straight from the Nest, Opposites Attract, 3 Birds on Parade, Reminisce Accents, Wild Card, Celebrations, Accent Essentials, Cursive 101, Doodletype, Cheerful Seasons, Street Sign, […]

Circuit Explore Air Cutting Machine Bundle Used

Circuit Explore Air Cutting Machine Bundle – Used. PLEASE READ ALL INFORMATION AND REVIEW ENCLOSED PHOTOS CLOSELY BEFORE PURCHASING. SCAMMERS PLEASE BEWARE, WE PARTNERED WITH A 3RD PARTY LEGAL TEAM TO ADDRESS ALL FALSE CLAIMS AND DEAL WITH SCAMMERS. Items may show lightening to fabric, or small stains and snags. Handbags, Shoes & Accessories. Shoes […]

Circuit Machine, 10 Cartridges, and 2 carrying cases

This machine is an older model, but still works well. Includes: carrying case, power cord, cutting mat, tool kit (with a few extras), 10 cartridges (with key pads/booklets): Beep Beep, boys will be boys, just because, best images of 2007, best images of 2009, Cindy Lou, Don Juan, Sweethearts amareux, princess party, Nursery Rhymes, and […]