Steinel GluePRO 400 LCD Professional Glue Gun + Carry Case 240v

Steinel set out to create the ultimate hot-melt glue applicators when they designed the GluePRO series. Many years of experience in manufacturing hot-melt glue applicators and the widely ranging demands from everyday practice in many segments are the building blocks behind the design and functions of this new product generation which is intended for use […]

Steinel GluePRO 300 Professional Glue Gun + Carry Case 240v

These days, hot-melt glue applicators are indispensable in industry and the trades. Particularly when it comes to professional use, factors such as quality, reliability and ergonomics are the key criteria. It is in this respect that the GluePRO 300 sets standards. Its sturdy quality and design are made for effortless, fatigue-free work. The stroke adjustment […]